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Hi all,
Just a couple of quick questions, firstly has anyone used a mio cyclo 300 i fancy it over the garmin 800, not so much the price really, its the surprise me function i like. Just wondering what its like as reviews seem a little thin on the ground. Second question is about dropping my handle bars, at the moment my stem is flipped 'up' as this is how it came from the shop, how ever i have been looking at a couple of John Cobb videos on youtube about lowering the bars which in turn can ease pressure on the sit bones. I think this maybe a benefit for me as i do seem to feel quite a bit of pressure on them, not to the point where it is painful but some discomfort, is flipping the stem over going to help? or is it nonsense?
thanks in advance.


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    You can flip the stem or remove the spacers on the steering tube under the stem, but whatever changes you made just do gradually. If your finances allow, a proper bike fit is a great investment
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