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Getting my Focus Variado back on the road

graeme_s-2graeme_s-2 Posts: 3,382
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I have a Focus Variado that I (used to) use for winter training and summer commuting. I ended up with a 20 mile each way commute on shitty roads for the last 3 months of 2011 and basically killed the bike. All last year I commuted on my fixie and used my Planet-X Pro Carbon for training even when the weather was grotty, but I want my other road bike back up and running.

It has a 105 5600 groupset with a compact chainset. It needs the following replacing:
  • headset
  • cassette
  • chain
  • outer chainring
  • wheelset (the hubs need servicing, but I reckon the rims are knackered as well, so might as well put the hub servicing money towards a wheelset)
  • tyres
  • 1 pair of brake pad holders (knicked for my fixie as the pair on the front of that were knackered)

My Planet-X has some PX model C wheels on it, so I did like the idea of buying some nicer wheels for that bike, and then moving the model Cs onto the Variado, but I don't think I can afford it. I want to get the bike back up and running reliably without spending too much.

I'm thinking about getting a pair of Planet-X AL30s to put on my Pro Carbon, and then moving the Model Cs onto the Variado - not quite the bling I'd been hoping for, but for £150 seems a sensible buy.

I think I can probably get the other bits for £150-£200, bringing the whole lot in under £350. Am I missing any sort of obvious way to do this cheaper?


  • styxdstyxd Posts: 3,234
    I think you should be able to get the other bits in your list (depending on what you want) for much less than £200 which will give you some extra money for a better wheelset!
  • graeme_s-2graeme_s-2 Posts: 3,382
    I'll probably have my LBS do some of the work (I'm cack handed and don't have the appropriate tools), so was factoring in a bit for labour too. Any left over money will probably go in my back pocket, as it's a bit of a stretch to do this at the moment.

    Also before I start commuting on it again next autumn/winter, my fixie is going to need a new chain, sprocket, chainwheel and saddle.
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