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I've bought some Speedplay Zero pedals but now need a pair of road shoes to go with them. I know the general consensus is that 'fit' is first and foremost but can I have some suggestions of what shoes you'd recommend for a budget of £100 (and preferably cheaper!)
Not sure if it makes a difference but I'm a leisure rider, not into racing, full on sprints or anything but am looking at getting into Sportives

Alternatively if you're thinking of selling a pair of shoes in decent nick that would be suitable please drop me a PM - I'm normally a size 8/42 so guessing same for Specialized, or a 9/43 for most others. I know this goes against the try them on first rule but I like a bargain and can always sell themn on again if no good


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    You really need to try some on. So far I have only found that North Wave and Specialized road shoes fit me as I have wide feet. Shimano (even the wide fitting variant) and Sidi were far too narrow.

    If you're really not fussed about trying a good few pairs on.......

    For value I think you'll be hard pressed to beat the DHB R1 or R2 shoes from Wiggle. They are apparently very good. Wiggle offer the Collect + service so you can return them for free via your local Co-Op store, so you can order a few pairs and send back what don't fit.
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    I've just ordered a couple of pairs of DHB R1.0's to try on for size. They only have the white in stock and I wanted the black, so I will try them on, then decide whether to keep or send back and wait for the black version. Or upgrade to the R2.0 when they have that back in stock in black. Decisions.....

    Wiggle have 20% off DHB over £50 at the moment with the code 20-DHB and if you go through Quidco you save an extra 3%.
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    ...I'm a 42 in day shoes and my Spesh BG Comps are 44....I settled for them as they have a roomy toe-box. As already said, you really need to try on lots..I tried Louis Garneax, Mavic, Sidi and Shimnao - all too tight for me- and previously had a pair of DHB basic ones for about 6 months. The DHB were ok, though I would take them off at cafe stops etc to stretch my toes out. With the Spesh, I never need to do that, they are so much more comfortable for me..