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What small laptop bag?

Kermit PowerKermit Power Posts: 5
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Evening all,

I have just had my ancient house brick of a laptop at work replaced with a nice, commute-friendly 12.5" machine, so now I'm looking for a suitably small laptop to go with it, but I'm struggling to find anything.

I've got a wet weather bike with panniers, so don't need the rucksack to be massively waterproof or capable of carrying spare clothes or anything like that. This is for nice days with no chance of rain when I want to take the fast bike!

All I will need to carry in it is the following:

12.5" laptop (don't even need to lug the power supply, as I've got a spare in the office)
Spare inner tube
Tyre irons
A5 notepad

All suggestions welcome. At the moment, I've only got a big Targus bag which weighs pretty much the same as the laptop!

I would like something which has a specific padded laptop compartment in it, and after a backpack rather than a courier bag, but other than that open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance! :D


  • A topeak laptop bag seems to fit the description :wink:
  • vortex1018 wrote:
    A topeak laptop bag seems to fit the description :wink:

    I've just looked on their website, and whilst the backpack looks nice (although I'm bemused as to how they seem to have 4 "sizes" which are all actually the same size?) they're not laptop backpacks? I suppose I could just go with a separate neoprene sleeve...

    To be clear, I'm not looking for a pannier laptop bag here. I've already got one of those for use with the wet weather bike. I'm ideally looking for a backpack designed specifically for a small laptop which will carry the load high up on my back and off my kidneys, which tends to be where I get sore with my current larger Targus backpack. I would've thought this would've been a really popular product for cycle commuters, but I'm starting to feel that maybe bag manufacturers haven't caught up with the shrinking of laptops yet? Either that or they think "up to 16 inches" is OK for everyone. :(
  • haha sorry, I misunderstood you.

    this is the one i was talking about
  • Crumpler make nice bags,Im sure you'll find something suitable on their site.My crumpler bags have lasted years. ... uctID=7513
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