helmet advice (no sniggering !)

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Maybe it's just my head shape (narrow), but what helmet would be recommended that won't make me look like a mushroom. Specialized, seem to bit particularly unflattering !!


  • Heard a lot of people on here mentioning Kask to be a good, more flattering fit so for that reason I'm going to give the Mojito a try this week.
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    I have a long narrow head and I found specialized helmets really looked bad, after trying on lots of different helmets I went for a kask k50, would definitely recommend looking at kask helmets...
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    same problem I had so I put a post on here and was recommended the kask brand anyway I eneded up getting one doesn't look bad either
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    I find that some of the higher-end Giro ones don't look quite so ridiculous. Used to have a Monza which was like a big round mushroom, but recently upgraded to an Atmos, mostly due to ventilation issues, but it also looks a lot better. Just the fact that the polystyrene ribs are a bit more of a sculpted shape makes a big difference when it comes to breaking up the profile of a big bowling ball shaped head.

    Just remember, at the end of the day you've still got a massive lump of polystyrene on your head. If you stand and look at it in a mirror, of course it's going to look a big ungamely, but when you're out on the bike it's far less noticable.
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    +1 for Kask Mojito, the only helmet I've ever owned that doesn't make me look like Toad off of Mariokarts
  • On the subject of things Kask, is the washable liner any good? Tempted by the Mojito myself, partly because of the liner... but only if said liner's capable of surviving a load of washes intact. Not to fussed about the look (although I do think they're pretty good looking as lids go), but the combination of very light and theoretically stink-free appeals a lot.
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    Get a kask mojito

    I too felt like a right whopper wearing any other helmet - I tried lots on, the Kask Mojito is really comfortable, light and doesnt seem to be as bulbous as most others

    As for the liner, Ive had mine for over 6 months now and the liner doesnt smell at all, sure it will hold up fine to hand wash cycle
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    A peanut headed friend of mine wears a kask.
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    The higher end Specialized helmets look good; try the S3 (160) or the Prevail (250). I have the S3 and like it.
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    As you already knew Kask is where it is at.

    The Mojito is all you need.

    I particularly like the adjustable rear cage (position not size) - you can get it to sit really comfy regardless of head shape.
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    Hmmmm, I do actually have a narrow head and the Kask Mojito is no good.

    To make it secure I get pressure on the forehead and i can fit my fingers between my head and the sides of the helmet. I am sure for rounder heads if is a lovely helmet.

    I am going to try and get hold of a Rudy Project Kuma to see if that fits as it supposed to be designed for the narrow noggin
  • I am also a Kask owner, though I have an old stock K10, which I bought from CRC for £60 or so. It's a great helmet for fit - very comfortable and easy to adjust. I would happily recommend a Kask on that alone. It is a tad mushroom-headed, though I attribute that to the fact that it's a one-size-fits-all; the only other peeve I have is that that it doesn't work that well with caps (or at least I don't think it does). With the former in mind I do hanker after a Mojito or Vertigo (though I couldn't justify the price of the latter!), but I don't have a good enough excuse to buy one...
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    I treid a few and thought the Kask K50 looked least mushroom like!

    Got it and really pleased.