Campag Bib Shorts

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Hi all,

I am looking for a pair of bib shorts with a decent pad for longer summer rides, and have seen some good reviews of the Campagnolo Tech Motion Magnetic:

Worth adding that I have a faultless pair of Campag Force winter tights, which is why I am looking at the brand again.

Can anyone recommend?
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  • g00se
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    I just bought a similar pair of tech motion shorts (previous year's model) and they're good. I've done at most 60 miles in one go and they're fine. Haven't done much more as they're summer shorts....

    One thing though, the pad feels lighter than the campag pad in my pair of campag textran winter tights. The shorts have the grey 'pro' version of the pad and the tights have the red 'tech' version. The 'tech' version is very good for distance and I'm assuming it's the better model as the RRP on the tights were much more than the shorts.