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Rattling internal cables on new Norco CX

small_blokesmall_bloke Posts: 222
edited April 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi bought a Norco CX aluminium frame bike.
The internal route cables rattle on the top tube and downtube. Its a single cable casing run from end-to-end with no separate tubing on the inside of frame.

4 days after purchase took back to Evans Cycles.
First guy said wait for 6-week service and they could probably do something??

7 days after purchase, couldn't put up with constant rattle any longer (sounds like an old tin bike).
Evans workshop tied a few cable ties around around the cable and frame to stop cable slipping backward and forward inside the frame. Also wrapped some electrical tape where the casing protrudes from the internal cable route to act as sponging.

Still rattling away so need some further advice before I go back again to Evans.
My other bikes which have internal cable routing are 4 years old and they are silent. However the cable housing inside the frame is split into sections I believe rather than a continuous run. ... e-ec041208


  • bernithebikerbernithebiker Posts: 4,148
    Had this on my Sworks SL4.
    Solved by running rubber doughnuts over the cable inside the frame.
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