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Having done a bit of triathlon etc for some time I know the basics about heart rates. What I am unsure of is my heart rate getting faster as I get older. I am 40 now and on steep climbs I can regularly get my heart rate up to 195bpm and up to 200 bpm if I am pushing it. a few years ago even getting it to 192bpm would be a struggle, and I would be right on the limit.
I thought the older you get the harder it was to raise your bpmn that much?
My job has got better but busier and I have 2 kids so definitely rest less/sleep less.

I had a while off the bike 9mths due to the arrival of the 2nd. Is it just that I am not as fit and my heart needs to work harder now?


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    Yep, your max heart rate decreases with age, so I would guess that when you were previously only getting it to 192, that was below your actual max and your current figures are due to not being as fit now as you were then. That said, if you've got any concerns then you should be asking a doctor rather than us!
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    Got exactly the same question as a 43 year old male my resting heart rate is about 51bpm which is quite good apparently but if i push myself on the bike I can get it up to around 200 or slightly over. The strange thing is yesterday I went out for a forty mile ride with a mate and on the hill my heart rate went to 194bpm and his was 182bpm but I got to the top first feeling pretty good and he had to stop and have a breather?
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    We're all different. At 182, he might have been at his max heart rate, whereas you were within yours.
  • I would say it should be down to fitness, you have lost a bit in the time since then and now it spikes higher because it seems harder. I find that after winter once I am back on the bike I have a high hr for a few days until I get my base back, then it drops down to more manageable levels.
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    We're all different. At 182, he might have been at his max heart rate, whereas you were within yours.

    Agreed....I'm 32 and my average HR on a fairly quick ride is about 142 and my maximum going up very steep hills almost to the point of stopping is about 160. The highest I've ever seen it is 162.

    A friend of mine (same age) riding the same route would be averaging 160+ and pushing highs of 190 but we are fairly even fitness wise.
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    42yo - resting (fasting) high 30s, non-fasting mid 40s. I can hold 170 for about 5-8 mins. I can hold 180 for less than a min. Its not about how high it goes, its about how long you can sustain it. You shouldn't be able to hold your max for more than about 1 minute.

    Anyone over 40 really has to make sure they have no underlying problems before pushing themselves to the limit.

    A lot of cycling is about technique, I have climbs and decent sections where I am faster with lower HR, due to focusing on the technique.

    If you get to the point that all you can do is breathe, then you will not be able to go flat out.