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Hi all,

Any folk from Preston present?

As with my Glasgow thread, i am after some local knowledge to help me navigate through Preston.

Essentially, i am approach from the south (Leyland) and heading for Garstang.

As river crossings seem few and far between, i was hoping to utilise the 'Old Tram Road' into town and then wind our way out the top.

Is that tram way do-able on a road bike? Any suggestions for direct-ish ways to get through the city? This will be day 2 of an 8 day epic, so keen not to add too many unnecessary mileage or climbs.



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    if coming from leyland why not pick up the guild wheel at broadgate (over bridge on leyland road b5254). this will take you round the ouskirts or preston and eventually deposit you at broughton school on A6, or if you leave it earlier you can head towards woodplumton, head towards myerscough and then on A6 or wherever. Its a few extra miles but traffic free.

    If you use the tramay way that will get you into town centre but you'll still need to find a way through (strand road/ tulketh brow/tom benson way - all of which are quite busy)
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    old tram way is fine on a road bike. come out in city center then just go up a6 towards garstang. personally i would keep off guild wheel mostally gravel paths and lots off gates.

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    guild wheel is fine from broadgate to cottam or certainly was last week when i rode it. only bit on that stretch where i had to get off coz of gates was swing bridge on docks. Only really non-road bike part is crematorium to brockholes IMO. there are a few gravelly patches but nothing to worry about. I wouldn't do it on my best race bike/tyres but fine on tourer or similar.

    If it were me I'd stay on the main roads and go down strand road-tulketh brow-tom benson way, but it depends what OP is after - quick and direct with traffic or slightly longer but traffic free. GW is a viable traffic free option IMO for that stretch. I work with a guy who commutes that part on his road bike.
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    Thanks chaps. Top info.
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    Its all tarmac from Broadgate out to Lea Gate, at the docks dont go through the gate, turn right after coming off the path next to the river and go over the bridge via the road....i do it every day i cycle to work, just make sure you go over the railway tracks at 90 degrees especially if wet!
    Cheers, Stu