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Hi guys

Firstly, a big hello! I'm new to the site and new to the sport

I'm looking to buy a bike in a few weeks and have my eyes on the following:

Specialized Allez compact
Specialized Secteur triple
Cannondale synapse 2300 triple

What do I need to consider so I can decide which to purchase?

With regards to gear I currently have the following:

Bottle cage
Small pump
Saddle bag
Glueless patches

Is there anything else I need?

All your help would be very much appreciated

Thank you


  • doug5_10
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    You bought all that before getting a bike? Jeezo! Only basic things that seem to be missing on your list are cycling shoes, spare tubes and lube.
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  • Cleat Eastwood
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    I've a friend who's got the synapse - it seems a tad heavier than the Allez and secteur (although I've only seen a compact secteur o it doesnt have the added weight of triple), which I've also seen. Not that its a deal maker but the allez seems to be 8 speed whilst the secteur is 9 (assumig you're getting them from evans) and you're getting a carbon fork, which although not a great deal is something you'll probably want to upgrade to at some point so its nice to have it there from the off. So if that was me i'd go for the secteur.

    Just to add - if you can do try them, or at least see them in the flesh - theres a mystical bond between buyer and bike that many know but few speak of.
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  • Neil_aky
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    Don't ignore the option of looking at Decathlon...

    I have a Triban 3 but the new Triban 5 is a lot of bike for the money - can't go wrong with the Allez but you are paying a premium for the name...
  • Tc1993
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    Yes, all that bought before the bike! Sounds silly I know, but I don't have the funds for the bike until a couple of weeks time.

    I do also have shoes (forgot to list them)

    Lube??? Sorry I'm lost

    With regards to trying the bikes, I live on the Isle of Man and the bike shops are fairly small and not sure if I would be able too.

    Also the 2 stores on the island only stock entry level Scott, Giant, Cannondale and Specialized bikes
  • rick_chasey
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    Lube - lubricant.

    Usually for your chain.

    Puncture repair stuff for untimely punctures beside the road, shorts, jersey, bike.

    Everything else you'll accumulate as you ride more.

    I can vouch for 'warmers' - arm, knee, ear, leg warmers.

    They are very good when combined with summer kit to get you through a surprising amount of spring and autumn riding - and cost efficient.
  • Toe knee
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    I bought a cannondale synapse 2013. Sora at the end of feb, great bike, great ride love it , try one for size. :D
  • doug5_10
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    Since you are shopping online, use your LBS to check what size frame you will need. All the big online retailers (wiggle, ribble, CRC, Merlin, Evans etc.) usually have conversion charts to cope with the different brands and geometries so you can order correctly. Set your price limit and go shopping! I wouldn't bother with a triple chainset, entry level bikes prices tend to be lowered by cheap wheels which can be upgraded later, so go for whatever has the best deal on frame and groupset.

    And yes, lube for the bike's moving parts, not your moving parts :wink:
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  • Gizmodo
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    Glue less patches are rubbish in my experience. A cheap puncture repair kit from Wilkos with proper glue is much better, but you have to wait for the glue to go off. You should be able to swap the inner tube at the road side, so spare tube, tire levers (included in the Wilkos kit) and carry that pump with you.

    Also useful to have a track pump with a pressure gauge at home, check your tire pressure before every ride. Topeak Joe Blow should do fine.