1st ride with a club today

supermurph09 Posts: 2,471
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I've been riding alone since I started back in August last year culminating in an 80 mile sportive last weekend. Today I went out with the local club on the B ride. Been following their exploits on Fbook for a while and finally managed to get out with them today. Have to say, it was a fantastic experience. Being the B ride it was a little stop start due to waiting for slower riders but other than it was great fun.

We did just under 40 miles on what was classed as a hilly ride, great feeling being in a bunch and you certainly have to be alert. Being behind someone and not seeing the road heightens the experience, it was the least i'd looked at my Garmin on any ride so far. I put in some harder efforts on the climbs as with the stopping I had a lot in reserve, my aim would be to go out on a couple more rides, try the spiralling sessions or the "bypass bashing" and then see how I'd fare with the A riders.

So in summary, if you've been putting it off then give it a go!