From MTB to road but which one? help!

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Hi all, i need you advice! i want to buy a road or hybrid bike but im not sure which one. At the moment i have boardman comp mtb (owned for few week only, only one problem was halfords service) but i wont use it on any terrain/tracks etc. i want a bike for travel, commuting, and few miles to work. i have 185cm , 105kg and want to loose some weight. ive been told today that recommended weight fort riban 3 is 95kg so i hope its ok. i have to spend up to 500£. should i buy road bike like triban 3/5 , any hybrid or upgrade boardman?
many thx for any help!


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    If you're only going to use it for short commutes and short fitness rides then maybe stick with a hybrid, if you think you might eventually start doing longer weekend rides then get a normal road bike
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    many thx for your help! another qestion :) would it be a good idea to fit better tyres like Continental Gatorskin 26 x1.125? thx
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    Unless you plan any hardcore downhill riding I would sell the MTB and get cyclocross bike personally.
    Its the most versatile type of bike as far as I can see and much better for road riding than a hybrid.

    Would not have thought tribans have that weight limit.
    They also say you can only ride them for a few hours so take what they say with a pinch of salt.

    Halfords are for buying Boardmans, not servicing them ;-)
    If you need to keep the MTB then getting a hybrid will mean you are not constantly swapping between flat and drop bars (which might be a pain).

    The Boardman hybrids were very good the last time I looked.
    I had a pro which was fantastic. Very fast for a hybrid, but not a patch on a road bike IMO.
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    Great forum! Thx for help! may i ask would be best cyclocross for up to 500£?