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New to road cycling - help on choosing a bike

rikdoggukrikdogguk Posts: 6
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Am a keen runner but being quite a large chap I always seem to get injured... so decided to take up cycling with few to staying fit and saving my joints... The main aim for bike is for fitness cycling, though I going climbing in the Alps this summer and would like to take it with me and have a bash on the hills, and it would be nice to have something which could do the job for the occasional sportive.

I have the option to buy a bike through my employer (CycleScheme). My budget is £500 - £700ish. I went along to my local Evans cycles today and had a look at a few bikes - unfortunately they didnt have any in my budget in my size, but (reluctantly) agreed to order in a Specialized Allez Sport for me to try out.

After a bit of internet research I am coming down to a choice between two bikes - the Specialized Allez Sport Compact which Evans will do for £640 with their trade in offer. The other option is Decathlons own brand B'twin Triban 7. Must say I am tempted with the Triban - the Tiagra shifters just seem to have a better ' feel' than the Sora on the Allez. I think the Triban is possibly a touch lighter with its part carbon frame, but dont have a weight for the Allez so cant be sure...

Evans are ordering an Allez in for me test cycle so will see how I get on with it, though have to say the guy in Evans was a complete censored - I practically had to twist his arm before he would order it (he seemed to think I should just go for Evan's own brand Pinnacle... hmmm...).

So - has anyone got any thoughts on whether should go for Sora Allez Sport or Tiagra Triban 7?




  • SproolSprool Posts: 1,022
    Decisions decisions...I was also sorely put off by the poor attitude of the Evans staff when I visited. The Allez gets lots of good write ups, it is a very popular choice but you pay a bit more for the Specialized badge. Sora shifters are entry level so I'd be tempted with the BTwin Triban, also a great entry level bike for the money, less status than the Specialized but then you get a bit better running gear. You really need to sit on both though as geometry will differ, and go for which one feels best for you. I've heard the service guys at Decathlon are really good, so if you do get a problem they will get it sorted for you in a prompt and professional manner.
    Either way you're getting a good quality entry level road bike. With the triban you are probably getting a little better running gear and better after-sales support.
  • dnwhite88dnwhite88 Posts: 285
    Allez sport is a good first bike, I have one that has now been downgraded to winter duties since I upgraded. The spesh frame is pretty good so over time you could upgrade things like the groupset if you wanted.
    "It never gets easier, you just go faster"
  • supermurph09supermurph09 Posts: 2,471
    My first bike was the Allez 2012 with carbon fork, great first bike imo apart from the thumb shifters. Although in fairness I'd guess most people starting out wont be on the drops all that much. One thing I would say is that despite the Triban 3 getting good reviews I really dont think it looks a nice bike and lets face it, that does matter.
  • SproolSprool Posts: 1,022
    ...One thing I would say is that despite the Triban 3 getting good reviews I really dont think it looks a nice bike...
    OP's after a Triban 7 ;)
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