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Best bike for new commuter?

TR7TR7 Posts: 8
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Hi everyone

Ive recently moved to the capital and wish to avoid catching public transport as much as possible. Ive previously owned a well used mountain bike, but need a go faster commuter. Ive been looking at cyclocross as I think the more upright position might be better but Im on a limited budget and so may have to go for a road bike as they seem to be going for a bit cheaper. Are there some road bikes which are more novice friendly, with a more upright position?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.



  • Sounds like a Giant Rapid might be what you fact one is on my shopping list :)
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    What is your budget, ho far is the commute, and what MTB are you using at the minute?
  • joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
    Can you get one on the Cycling Scheme through your work?
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    If you go for a roadbike for commuting, make sure it is of a more practical kind rather than a competition race bike. Look for reasonable tyre clearance so you can fit medium tyres + mudguards, rack and mudguard threaded eyelets and gears low enough for everyday riding (eg compact double).
    Pinnacle, the Evans own brand do one as do other brands.

    You can set the bar position higher and shorter with a replacement stem.
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