Shimano RS30 wheels versus Mavic Askium's

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Like a complete numpty i left my front wheel of bike leaning against my car and drove of forgetting it was there. coukd have been worse and could have left my wallet or iphone on the roof of my car and pulled of lol Anyway thats life. It was a Mavic Askium. I have seen a set of 2013 Shimano RS30 in white reduced to £139 delivered. Has anyone had any experience of these and how do they compare to the Askium's?


  • Meerkat16
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    Any advice welcome :-)
  • Crimmey
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    I think everyone's out riding and since I cant I'll reply :P If you are getting them for the looks then buy them! There is no definitive answer to your question so it all comes down to colour :) The RS30's will be more than adequate.
  • Meerkat16
    Meerkat16 Posts: 320
    I am having an afternoon watching sport on the box due to only having one wheel lol I do like the white ones and can't go too wrong with Shimano's
  • Meerkat16
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    Has nobody got a set of these Shimano wheels?
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    Nothing wrong with RS30 wheels for that money. I had the RS20 and they did OK until the nipples siezed making truing less than perfect. They had done about 15,000 miles before that though (most by the previous owner).

    IMO for the cash they are acceptable enough.
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    The RS30 won't be a better wheel (for the money) than the Aksium. Why not just buy a new front wheel to replace the broken Aksium? You can pick up one for less than £90.

    Spend the £40 saved on a nice summer jersey, make you go much faster (but only in the sun) :)