What a difference 4 weeks makes..

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Finally hit the 50 mile mark today:

Chuffed! Although I am pretty shattered now.

Went up the same hill 4 weeks ago and it was like this:

4 weeks on:

Thought I would get the obligatory sheep in the shot :P They are right cheeky gits, any rustling sound and they come running over expecting food... They seemed to enjoy my banana skin anyway haha.

Since starting cycling this was also my first time riding in nice weather, which brought up a couple of questions:

I am quite a sweaty guy and it can be a problem with sweat running into my eyes. Do any of you fellas where a sweatband under your helmet when/if the warmer weather comes?

Socks - up or down? :)


  • rich164h
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    cotton cap for the sweat

    socks up for me, but I don't buy really long socks though. The shorter the better as far as I'm concerned.
  • elderone
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    Cracking ride and some serious climbing,wel done.The pics look good,especially the snow one.
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  • city_boy
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    That's a cracking effort, the legs should feel 'good' tomorrow!!!
    Re the socks, my wife bought me some Gore Summer socks for Xmas and I used them in Lanzarote in 30 degrees and they worked a treat in keeping my tootsies cool.
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  • Fair play, a goal which I have recently accomplished myself.

    Im a little worried about sockage, I bought some silk socks but they are calf length but they keep your toes warm and cool. These were recommended by hm supplies. So im going to look a right tit in the summer but hey
  • dai_t75
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    Cheers gents. Had the task of cleaning the bike today... I have never seen so much gunk on a chain in my life. My own fault for leaving it for a while though.

    With regards to the cotton cap - does the peak not make you strain your neck (as I was under the impression this is what happens with MTB helmets)?

    Will have a look at some summer socks, only got winter ones at the moment.
  • gethinceri
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    Socks down, stop worrying the sheep butty!