FC6603 OR FC6703..??

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Dear forum

Apparently I've been posting on an inappropriate section of the forum ....however pursuant to advice from those who have more experience here I shall further try my luck for some constructive advice here.........Please.

New bike ordered & coming ..and have the opportunity to amend the front chain wheel setup, as I live in mountains (alps) have already decided triple over compact, however am looking at 170 mm "arm" and probably 52/39/30 standard rings.

I have briefly viewed the Shimano tech site and nothing jumps out at me ...BUT what is the difference between the FC6603 and FC6703 save perhaps some degree of interchangeability ...maybe I am missing something???

Salutations :shock:


  • nochekmate
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    6703 is simply the newer version of the triple chainset.
  • lindberg
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    Most kind for the response, however newer version often includes some improvement ..or otherwise..any idea what's changed other than colours?
  • denniskwok
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    In a nutshell, the 6700 chainset is stiffer, lighter and shifts slightly better due to the stiffer, hollow outer ring.

    The 6700 looks miles better too.
  • lindberg
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    I must agree it certainly does look much better aesthetically but needed more detail in respect of performance...thank you for the information, that's about what I needed :)
  • team47b
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    lindberg wrote:
    however am looking at 170 mm "arm"

    How tall are you? Do you prefer higher or lower cadence to conquer those Alps of yours?
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • lindberg
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    Not been on site for a while ...alligators...up to arm pits....

    I'm bit on short side 5'9 ...tend to grind it out rather than shifting down