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hi guys, im pretty new to all of this so just looking some advice. looking at entry level bikes at the moment, due to my missus being due to give birth in a few weeks my budget isnt much, looking at around £300. can anyone give me any suggestions? so far ive been looking at the following....

http://www.onyourbike.co.uk/index.php?m ... ts_id=1355


http://www.decathlon.co.uk/triban-3-red ... 74036.html

also size wise.... im 6ft2, so am i right in thinknig im looking at a 60-62cm frame??

any ideas and advice welcome!

Cheers, Gav


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    The Triban 3 always seems to get the thumbs up on here, personally I've not ridden one but they certainly seem good value for the money and there are lots of threads on here recommending them.

    Good luck with getting out on the bike once little one arrives by the way :wink:
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    For £300 or less its Always going to be the Triban 3. It also has carbon forks, the other bike is steal.

    Save yourself a lot of searching and going round in circles and buy the Triban ;)
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    Triban 3-had a look at one myself this week and its a sound buy for overall use.Sell it on when you upgrade or keep for winter use.
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    thanks guys, looks like the triban 3 it is :)

    haha yeah i know time is going to be hard to come by once the baby arrives but il make it work :?
  • Make sure you order the £299 Red version, not the White which is slightly cheaper but has a downgraded spec. And buy soon as the Red version is being discontinued.

    60cm sounds about right, but if there's a store near you then go and sit on both before you decide. I'm 5'10 and have a 57cm.