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I am going to upgrade my chainset, current have a cheap FSA and will be putting Ultegra on to match the rest of the components.
My current chain is a KMC X10-L Silver 10 Speed Chain so would i be better off getting an Ultegra SL Compact Chainset or an Ultegra 6750 Compact Chainset (the newer version)?

I am lead to believe that the 6750 is designed for a particular chain, i can also get the SL one a lot cheaper.

Would my chain be OK with both? Would i notice any difference between the two?

Also my current chainset is a 172.5, if i go SL it would be a 175, i am guessing that i would not notice any difference???

Thanks in advance


  • turnerjohn
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    either chainset will work....newer one will be a bit lighter though. personal preference really.
    depending on your height / leg length you may find 175mm to long....their kill your knees if your short !
  • Markjaspi
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    I went from a 172.5mm crank that came with my bike, to a 165mm (6750) and it made the world of difference, I'm 5'9" if it helps, so making sure you have the correct length matters in my opinion.

    The newer ultrega its very good,not tried the SL though.
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  • pkripper
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    The sl is a slightly lighter version of the 6600 so the look is very different from the current ultegra. It'll work, and it'll work fine but I guess it depends whether it meets your aesthetic needs.

    As for crank length, I swap between them on different bikes and honestly don't notice.
  • furiousd
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    I do prefer the look of he 6750, if my chain will work then maybe it will be worth the extra cash.
    I have been running a 172.5 for the past three years no problem. Will look at the calculators etc but should not go wrong with staying with the same size.
    Thanks all