Mavic wheels - trouble seating tyre beads

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Does anyone else have trouble getting tyre beads to seat properly around the valve area on Mavic Ksyrium Elite S wheels? If find it extremely difficult to get the tyre bead to seat properly around the valve, it seems to be that there is very little space between the valve / tube junction and the inside of the wheel rim. I've had two instances now where I've punctured after the tyre is forced off the rim around the valve area - last nights episode was spectacular I thought someone had taken a pop at me with a shotgun.

I'm using 23mm conti GP4000's and conti 700x20-25 tubes


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    My GP4000S fitted fine on my Elites.

    Don't do up the threaded ring on the valve until the tyre is fully inflated.
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    Bar Shaker wrote:
    Don't do up the threaded ring on the valve - throw it away.

    FTFY :D

    OP - Sounds like a technique problem. I find it best to start at the valve and feed in the tyre bead evenly either side of the valve, then continue from there.

    Often the valve area of the tube is reinforced which can sometimes be tricky to get seated, try pinching the tube so that it narrows and allows the tyre to sit nice.

    Practice and patience is the only remedy really.

    If you are local I could help in person, alternatively get your friendly LBS to show you a few tips.
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  • I have had no issues ,however although not the cheapest I have stuck with mavric griplink and powerlink tyres and mavric inner tubes. The tyres done last the longest but feel great and give you confidence in all conditions.
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    There is always little space around the valve area.. whatever tyre/rim...
    anyways dont have the valve nut on when fitting... seat the tyre into the rim, use heel of the hand to ensure seating well in and when around the valve use it to push inner tube upwards and press tyre bead in at same time and it should bed in.
    When you inflate... check the tyre as you do.. if it appears to out of skew with the rim, then stop !
    Do it all again..... if need be.. do it once in a rush with latex tubes and £8 down the drain is a lesson.
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    A bit more air in to start you off and then let it out again when you are pushing the last/final part over the rim. Seems to avoid chasing the tyre round the rim fitting and then refitting when it pops off.