Drive chain problem (Video included)

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After the winter I took my bike to the shop to fix the drive train which had been ruined by the salt from winter. I asked them to fix. They swapped my XT cassette for a new one, and put a new chain on. Now the rear mech bounces forward as seen in my video. My initial asking aty the shop was met with "Yeah that's chain suck, and if you change the freeride hub, that should fix it"

Any clues? I assume that the rear mech can only come forward if the chain follows a different path. So either :-

-The chain (which isn't shimano) is being picked up by the higher cog on the rear mech, or
-the chain ring is picking it up


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    Looks to me like you might have worn chainring(s) on your chainset. They should've picked up on that when doing your gears.
  • I thought so myself. I suggested it as a solution. I even asked for it to be checked when i dropped it in. They think it is fine.

    Further things of interest are that it wont do it unless its being ridden. Works fine on a stand. It didn't have that fault with the old gear.
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    Chain suck.

    Often appears when the chain is changed on a worn crankset.
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    Sounds like a classic case of the bike mechanic not bothering to test ride the bike, as you say in a stand it works perfect.

    "It didn't have that fault with the old gear."

    Helps to confirm it is most likely worn chainring(s) definately take the bike back and have a word with the shop manager. Hopefully they will replace the chainrings free of charge, after all it's caused you inconvenience!
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    That's better than most people's trail videos.
  • Mine does that since I got a new chain too... so there's another part I need to fix :(