Numbness in the hand?

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I recently got a new bike and I keep finding if I do any more than about 25 miles I get a really bad numb feeling in my right hand. Its only my right hand and in the two smallest fingers. I normally stop for a minute and it feels fine. But is this a set up issue on my bike? Or do I have a problem with my hand?


  • Could be set up bit try regularily shifting hand positions (say once every ten minutes or so) and gel padded gloves may help/
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    maybe the saddle is too far forward and your balance is weighted on your hands or more likely you are putting weight on the Ulnar nerve (trapping it) that runs up the side of your hand to the little finger, move your hands around more and try not to lean on the edge of your hand.
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  • Its a pretty common problem, Check this page out for prevention techniques.
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    Gloves? Bar tape? Seat position? Stem length? Poor hand positioning?

    The most likely culprits, and the best place to start.
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    I get numb fingers when I, er ahem, ride my, cough, mountain bike, but rarely get it when on my road bike so I have concluded that it is a set up issue. When riding the road bike I am fairly often changing position depending whether on the level, climbing or descending, so that probably helps.
  • Might be Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I had it a few years back, not a major drama but did need a quick op under a local to sort it. The Doc said it was probably caused by cycling due to gripping the bars and vibration off the road. Not had any issues since the op but do make sure I use gel pads under my bar tape.
  • I have carpel tunnel & both my hands go numb on most rides. Had it for years & kind of got used to putting up with it. Ride before last I had numb hands (makes STI gear changes a bit fiddly) 2 numb feet inc' all toes back to ball of foot & numb penis & balls!!

    I know why the hands go numb but not feet or genitals. I "think" it's that nerve area between bum & balls & I'm planning to buy a new saddle with a cut out to see if that relieves it any. :|
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    Thanks for the suggestions and the web link, I will try shifting back the seat a little bit and see if that relieves it. Also, ChumBucket I had the numb penis thing over the winter once when it was extremely cold, but I got some decent padded trousers and haven't had it again if that helps.