Continental Gatorskin tyres???

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I've had small tear through my fairly newish wilier Kevlar rear tyre & I was wondering if it would be ok to fit a new inner tube in & carry on or do I chose the more expensive option and go for a new tyre?

I was looking at the possibility of the continental gator skin tyre? Is this a good tyre (folding or ridged) & would it fit on my fulcrum 7 wheel ok?

Also would it look odd or be within cycling etiquette to ride with a different rear tyre to the front?

Would love some advice


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    Depends what kind of cycling you're doing. If commuting then the Gatorskin is a good choice. But if riding for pleasure then I'd go for the 4 Seasons tyre as a good all rounder or even the GP 4000S
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  • Tom Dean
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    It really depends on the size of the cut. Get the tyre up to pressure and have a look. If there is any bulging due to the cut I would bin it.

    Gatorskins are good strong training tyres. They will fit on your wheels if you buy the right size :P

    edit: if you are riding for pleasure you might want to avoid contis altogether!
  • ianbar
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    i have gatorskins on my winter bike, i tried them as kept getting flats in the autumn, so far no problems but would say they felt slightly slower than othe tyres i have used. i may try 4 seasons myself next time as people seem to think they are a better choice all round
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  • turnerjohn
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    Gators supertough, 4 Seasons better traction but dont wear as long and more expensive....I mix Gator rear 4 season front.

    Pics of your tyre slash ? If you hasn't damaged the tyres carcass you maybe ok...try pumping up to like 120psi and see if it bulges round the slash ?
    Seem to remember a review of the Wilier tyres and it wasn't good so maybe upgrade anyway :-)
  • Good, dependable tyres. They aren't as grippy or as supple as a higher TPI premium racing tyre, but the toughness-to-weight ratio is very good, they are cheap and last well, and they are nice enough to ride; though I should qualify that statement by pointing out that I do run 27x1 1/4", or 32mm, tyres, at 85psi.

    Given the choice, the only reason I would have for not buying them is that I don't appear to need that level of protection - no flats since last May. My main bike has 27" wheels and choices are limited; I feel that Gatorskins are the best of the bunch.
  • marcusww
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    Can agree, I bought some gator skin 25mm folding and these are v durable, they have a thicker rubber grip than the other contis which helps. However looking back I may have gone for conti Grand Prix. The have the gator skin carcass but with the chilli compound rubber.
  • Pituophis
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    I've been riding the folding Gatorskins for the past 7 or 8 months in all weathers, with no problems or punctures so far. So impressed that I bought another set when I spotted them on offer! :D
    I have to admit though, I'm not "quick" by any stretch of the imagination, so I can't comment on their racing performance :oops:
  • Mikey23
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    I have now put gatorskins on both my bikes ...
  • I use Gatorskins too and like them. While not the fastest tyre around, they are one of the most reliable. Mine have survived glass, car crash debris, fresh cut hedge clippings and potholes for six months now with no issues.
  • Been using folding Gator Skins for a few months. Two p**ctures, and when I was refitting the tyre the sidewall split. Wiggle are replacing it. They get great reviews, I guess I've just had bad luck with them.