First ride in shorts

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and it was liberating.


  • goonz
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    It sure does feel nice after so many months of full on winter tights.

    The cool air on the legs felt really nice this morning.
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  • upperoilcan
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    Same for me yesterday,although a bit windy it was a nice warm wind.
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  • Mikey23
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    Out and proud ...
  • elderone
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    Had mine the other day,felt great but need some sun on my white pins.
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  • slowmart
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    The only things whiter than my legs were my new socks.
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  • Gizmodo
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    My first day in shorts and mits.

    Unfortunately it was overcast and cool at the start of the ride so I decided on a Marino base layer! What a mistake. High winds, trying to keep up with a retired racer, 50 miles in I've already finished a 750ml bottle and I'm boiling in the sun that found its way past the cloud! It was a long hard 20 miles home!

    Base layer now washed will join the bib longs in summer storage. Lesson learned.
  • I too have been wearing short sleeves, mitts and summer cap. Normally I'd wait until it's a bit warmer, but for now I'll carry on. Nice to be able to...