Sprinting (on the bike)

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Just wanted a few views, I'm trying to increase my sprint power.

On the static bike, I'm doing trying to do interval training - so 15 second hard sprint followed by 30 seconds rest for as long as I can.

Is that right to try and improve my sprint power and longevity?

I'm finding that my riding is getting quicker, but my lungs can't keep up!


  • njee20
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    I used to do 45 seconds recovery when I did a lot of those, quality drops otherwise. Try starting in a big gear too, so you're really having to push for the first few seconds.
  • _HENDO_
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    If it's just power.

    you need higher gear or uphill. Short sprint, 6-15 seconds. Full recovery 5mins plus.

    If longevity of sprint the 10-1minute with less recovery (3-5minutes).

    If its your lungs that can't keep up is probably your aerobic capacity, so get on the long rides!
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  • cool, so I'm kinda on the right track then..

    Just want to be able to keep the 1st big kick up for longer!
    Probably is fitness, so working on that too!
  • ddraver
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    get hold of the Downward Sprial Sufferfest Video, Revolver or Very Dark pace are also good.

    They are intervals set up for "speed"
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