Bianchi 1885 from 2007 Value?

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I've been offered this Bike from a mutual friend, and I've been sent picture of it and it looks in sublime condition, perfect height for me, and I'd probably only be going with the intention of buying. I'm just curious what do you guys think the value of this model would?

It has a 4 and a half star review from BR(though it looks slightly different where the 1885 is etc, so could be an earlier or older model), from April 2007, and then it was £1100.

This would be my first road bike after years and plenty of mountain biking, but by the end of summer would probably be looking at getting myself a more expensive, but heard the name Bianchi and was interested.



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    If components are in good shape £350 up to a max of £400 on eBay - Bianchi are a popular brand on the secondhand market.
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    Nice bikes, pre-runner to the Via Nirone 7 - that looks a decent spec one as it has the carbon seat stays. he's flippe the stem to set the handlebars slighly higher, but tghen if your a first time convert from mtb you may (or may not) want to leave it that way for a while anyway
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    Those cranks look really long!!

    Nice bike and as said, used Bianchis fetch good money.
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