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Merida Carbon Ride 94

renevatrenevat Posts: 56
edited April 2013 in Road buying advice
Seen one of these in my LBS at £1300, which seems like a good price, but I can't find any reviews anywhere. Are there any owners out there that could offer any thoughts on the ride, value and ownership experience of this model please.


  • Yes, yes I can - viewtopic.php?t=12897059

    Like you, I struggled to find much in the way of reviews. Bikeradar reviewed the 95, but not the 94. I bought mine as I've suffered for years with a bad back (prolapsed a disc in 2006 at the grand age of 22) and wanted something with a more relaxed geometry.
    I've been on it quite a bit, almost getting up to 50mile rides now and find it very comfortable. I don't have anything to compare against though as it's my first road bike.
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