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Hi guys,

Im taking part in a London>Paris>London cycle at the end of July.
The whole thing is to be done in 4 days, which will mean long days in the saddle (120 miles per day) - in the summer sun (well, we hope).

Im Irish - I can burn in the rain, so really petrified of getting burnt.
I just want to know if any of you could recommend a good long sleeve base layer or jersey that will offer good protection, but keep me cool too - theres no way im going short sleeve - sun cream or not, I would burn.

I use an endura baa baa base layer at the minute, but feel it might be a touch too warm once double digit temperatures kick in.
Having a look around wiggle etc, theres lots of short sleeve summer base layers, but finding anything long sleeve tends to be geared for winter riding - which is understandable!

Any suggestions much appreciated!


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    Why a base layer and not a light long sleeve jersey?

    Like this...
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    Thanks for the reply and the link - nice jerseys!

    I just mentioned base layers as I might have to wear a short sleeve charity jersey as well.
    It seems you can get burnt through clothing too, so im trying to cover all angles....!
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    During the spring months or the colder summer mornings I always start with my long sleeve skins base layer under my jersey.

    This is excellent at being breathable & regulating your temperature even on the hotter days. They really do feel like 'skin' so I would suggest you'd get very little sun creeping through in one of these. ... ession-top

    Best of luck on the ride as well
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    I wear a nike compression base layer with a sportswool jersey on top and arm warmers.

    Think this would be an ideal outfit for your journey, with a gilet in the back pocket in case.

    Someone on here mentioned mesh base layers, not sure what they are like but want to try one...might be worth a look?

    Oh and good luck on the ride, its a great journey, did the L2P24 last year.
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    Guys, as always thanks a lot for the very helpful advice - ill be having a look through the links above this evening.
    Great to have such a helpful community to go to for advice....and support!!
  • bsharp77
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    Looks like the craft cool is perfect!
    I shall order one today and give it a go on my daily commutes to see how it performs - ill let you all know what its like.
    Thanks again for all the recommendations.