Merida ride lite 91 or 93

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New to this great site and looking to move up from the mountain bike I have to a road bike.

My wife also looking to do the same and our local bike shop has Merida bikes in the main.

My wife loves the ride lite 91 Juliet and they would do a good deal if I also got one from there.

I am going to take both the 91 and 93 this Saturday but would value any views on these?

I have also taken out a specialised secteur sport triple 13 which I really like but a bit more in price and wonder if you pay more the name?

Totally understand that it comes down to what feels right and the wow feeling, but just checking I am also not looking at a duffer!!



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    Just posted similar request on Road Buying Advice. So will watch this thread with interest. Merida are one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world and make bikes for Spesh I beleive. Lampre are riding them this year so certainly won't be a duffer. What sort of deal are you getting on a 91?
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    Thanks guys. The shop will give us free decent click pedals and free shoes plus he is letting us have the bikes while I wait for the cycle to scheme vouchers to come through which I am really impressed with the service.

    I also think its important to support local bike shop as will probably be back for other equipment etc!!