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Spectating TDF 2013

iankenvyniankenvyn Posts: 6
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First post on here - so sorry if topic in wrong place. We are going to be in Annecy region when the TDF goes through. I understand the stage finish will be on the Semnoz. Is there anyone out there with any knowledge of the area. I propose parking in Ugine and then riding the cycle path up to Annecy (we have an apartment near Bourg St Maurice).
But any advice as to timings, what the roads are like up to Semnoz, when the TDF close the roads, when they re-open etc. ? Many thanks.



  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    Hi - yes it is in the 'wrong' place - or at least you'll probably have more luck on the Pro Race forum:
  • cc78cc78 Posts: 599
    Had a look to see if this had been moved to the Pro Race forum - it appears not, so here with (hopefully) some helpful info...

    Yes, you can park easily in Ugine and then ride from there towards Annecy. The cycle path is fantastic although it can get quite busy on a hot summer's day. You could even get a bit closer, the cycle path follows the main road all the way along the valley and there are several places to park along the way. Faverges or Doussard would be two options.

    There are two roads up to the summit at Semnoz: the one the race is coming up, which approches from the north, and the other road which approaches from the east, via the Col de Leschaux. Normally when coming from Ugine on the cycle path, the second route is more accessible - leave the cycle path at St Jorioz and follow the road up from there.

    However this is a bit complicated because the stage itself runs through St Jorioz and up the Col de Leschaux earlier in the day (it then heads south and loops back round towards Semnoz). So I would imagine that road will be closed from fairly early in the morning. That said you should still be able to ride a bike up there until at least 10.30-11am. The ride up from the cycle path at St Jorioz to the Col de Leschaux is a lovely little climb, about 8km long at 6% average with superb views over the lake. From there up to Semnoz is another 12km also at about 6% although the road in parts is not great so it feels tougher than the first climb to Leschaux.

    Thinking about it, it should be feasible for you to do the first climb to Leschaux, see the race go past, then ride up to Semnoz in time to see the finish. To achieve this I would say you would want to be on the bike on the cycle path leaving Ugine by 9am at the very latest, ideally earlier if possible. Or better stilll, park a bit closer as described above.

    I hope this helps - I live locally so know the area well. Shout if you have any other questions.

    PS if you were in Ugine the day before you would also have plenty of opportunity to see the race then, Col de l'Epine would be my shout, guess you might still be in Bourg then though
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