3/4 Bib Tights - Santini vs Lidl

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Advice for 3/4 length bib tights. Anyone had any experience of these 3/4 bibs from Prendas? http://www.prendas.co.uk/details.asp?ID=2704

Am looking for a decent pair of 3/4 length bib tights for longer Sunday rides and sportives which should last me a few years. These from Prendas have a reasonable pricetag!

One day I might indulge and get a quality pair of Castelli!

Yesterday, I did just under a 50 mile cycle ride in my Lidl 3/4 shorts and had felt no discomfort at all. Am I shelling too much for £45 (seems a reasonable price) or does anyone recommend any alternatives?

The Lidl 3/4s I use for my commute have served me well and still going strong! :mrgreen:
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    I use the Lidle/Aldi stuff and have no complaints for the price. Also look at the muddy fox range from sports direct there good especially for the price. I would love to be able to buy the very nice expensive stuff but no possible at the moment .