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Just putting it out there on what everyones preference is and why for choice of cleats I started with Shimano SPD's but just didnt get comfortable with them was always fumbling and now have Look Keo2max and found them right for me and with the give also relieves tension surprisingly .


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    I run Shimano SPD (MTB type) on all my bikes. They do tend to feel better with XC shoes than road shoes though.

    I'm happy with the slight loss of performance in exchange for a more natural click in/release.
  • Like DIY above I use SPD pedals which are designed for MTB's. I found the float works better with my knees, and I can wiggle around a bit more to get comfortable if I get a pain. I tried SPD-SL's, but just couldn't get on with them. I have just one bike at the moment and this also gets used for commuting so SPD's with recessed cleats and decent shoes are much better for my life.