Canyon Roadlite AL Sizing

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After a prang I require a new bike.

The obvious choice in my price bracket is a Canyon Al Roadlite.

One thing that does concern me though is sizing. The geometry is significantly different between the roadlite and the Carbon models.

I'm 6ft 2 with a 34" inseem. The calculator thing tells me I need a medium but that's ridiculous. I am guessing I am either a 58 or 60.

I was wondering if anyone owns a roadlite and how they found the sizing?


  • I have a roadlite size M (nominal 56 cm if it had a horizontal top tube). I'm just over 6ft and about 33 in inseam (short legs for height). Fits me just fine no way I could have gone bigger or I would be struggling for stand-over clearance, also in spite of shortish top tube it doesn't feel particularly upright position either. I suggest you double check your inseam since that is what the canyon size calculator seems to base the size recommendation on, you must be borderline M/L, why not call canyon and ask their advice?
  • There is a Canyon Rep in essex and I think there is a new one based in Kingston, I ride a CF which from your comments seems irrelevant but perhaps post on the KW forum as there are quite a few AL's in the club.
    If I know you, and I like you, you can borrow my bike box for £30 a week. PM for details.