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hi every 1, yes ive broke my collar bone its bin a week now and just wondering if any1 else has done the same on ere in the past, thinking of leaving it another week and then mayb turn the legs over on the turbo in an upright position would u say this is a good idear or would u say toal rest is needed ?


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    Total rest. If you move it too much or aggravate it then there is a possibility it could set wrong when healing. Depending on your age depends on how long the bone will take to heal but you should give it 3-4weeks minimum without doing anything too strenuous. Even then i would suggest not to lean too heavily with the corresponding arm whilst on your bike as this could set the healing even further back. Depending how badly broken your collarbone is will also effect healing rate etc. but listen to your doctor on this one as your collarbone is not something you really dont want aching whilst riding
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  • thanks 4 the reply i think mayb ur right might do more harm than good its just i dont want 2 loose wot i have gained through the winter, better take more time out, thanks again
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    I broke mine in june lat year. Unfortunately after 2-3 weeks i tried to do some work and just picking up a laptop caused the bone to displace. From here on it it was a right problem. The bone didnt come back together. The guys looking at it didnt want to do anything. Ive ended up getting it plated (with a massive bend in it) at the end of jan this year and im starting all over again now! Ive researched the hell out of it so listen up.

    Rest for at least 3 weeks. keep the arm immobile if you can.
    get lots of calcium and protein.
    get lots of rest.
    after 3 weeks review your diet. I didnt and have lots of weight to loose.
    after 4 weeks start movements of the elbow etc. i didnt and ended up not only with a broken collar bone but a frozen shoulder and a frozen elbow.

    if it displaces get it pinned! demand it!

    good luck :)
  • hi andy, thank 4 the advice ive already noticed frozen eldow and its only bin 11 days since the break i av bin taking it out of the sling and moving my 4 arm bin 2 the docs and he said try using a sponge ball and squeezing it and r going 4 a 2nd xray in a couple of days i suppose its all 2 do with how bad the break is and how old u r me i am 45 so wont heal as quick as some 1 in there 20s
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    What andybrad said!

    I broke mine last July in France - hit a pothole on the descent of Cormet de Roselend. Seemed a straightforward break, however, it didn't heal properly (I don't think the flight home did me any favours).

    I had it pinned & plated at the start of January, had 6 weeks off work & followed the surgeon's instructions to the letter - as a result, I was back on the bike at the start of March & my next ride will clock up 1,000 miles in 2013.

    In short - don't rush back, as it has the potential to seriously delay your recovery. Watching what (& how much!) you eat will ensure that your fitness will return quicker. I hope your recovery goes well.

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    Obviously dont go riding your bike, a fall would be a disaster.
    BUT i ve broken my collar bone 3 x in the last 20 yrs and have always used light exercise that does not involve any movement of the joint, ie walking, leg squats on the stairs and for the most recent break, on a turbo, using a mtb for an up rt postion, foam ball and slight movement of elbow is good too but in consultation with your fracture clinic, who you can ring up and make appts with when ever you like, so you dont have to stick with the "come back in 3weeks"
    With the emplyers private med ins, the consultant could see no problems with this at all, infact he reccomended it as a positive out look will always be good - he did advise no NSAIDs for pain (slows bone growth) paracetmol only, all backed up by the NHS fracture clinic guys.