Dead frogs on the road today.

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Seen about 10 dead frogs on the road today over a 25 mile ride anyone else notice.


  • Funny you should say that, I noticed it too, is it some form of Frog Cult mass suicide? Will there be a shortage of frogs this year?
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  • Rod11
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    Funny, I was actually thinking the same thing, I'm in the Borders and saw a few on Saturday
  • farrina
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    banditvic wrote:
    Seen about 10 dead frogs on the road today over a 25 mile ride anyone else notice.

    I must confess on reading that headline I was imagining mass suicide by riders of a French disposition ..... :D
  • peteco
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    Yes - loads out on the roads this morning in Shropshire. I suspect it is the wetter weather plus higher temperature.

  • Monty Dog
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    Warm weather brings them out of winter hibernation - have heard of people crashing due to hitting a flattened amphibian on the road
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    Isnt this like a sign of the end of times? Quick everyone on your bikes not much time left!!!
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  • team47b
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    It's a spring thing, they are all literally shagged out.

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  • sungod
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    frogs and toads have home ponds

    when it's their sexeh tiem they follow the same routes every year to return to the pond

    unfortunately humans came along and put roads across some of these routes
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  • Mikey23
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    Nah, plague of boils next
  • We're the not all "kermitting" suicide.

    I'll get me coat.
  • Were they not all "kermitting" suicide.

    I'll get me coat.
  • verylonglegs
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    Plenty round this way as well, I noticed too that they had all managed to die splayed out in the 'star' position. Not sure why I mention it but it stuck in my mind!
  • I have accidently run over a frog before in the New Forest. They make a distinct popping sound, and unlike slugs they don't end up covering your tyres and sliming up your front brake caliper. Must be due to high internal pressure of a frog.
  • Pross
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    I usually do a walk at the end of March and there is a stretch of about a mile where there's a bit of water on the side of the road. Every year there are literally hundreds of them squashed and it's a narrow, single track road that has next to no traffic. I think they come out at night to mate and just get run over, a lot of them are still in piggyback formation. One car must right off dozens.
  • We get a lot of dead bunnies in our village, that is much worse to see.

    Take the frogs home and be French with them!
  • Hollow-legs
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    Oh yeah ! On my way to work this morning ,Yes people have to work weekends!
    I had to dodge a dead frog on my commute ,Iucky I was on my MTB?
  • DavidJB
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    Went out for a ride early feb and saw hundreds of live and dead frogs for a 10 mile stretch...twas weird.
  • danlikesbikes
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    Only seen a few on the roads by us but think the colder weather may have had a effect on them, then again might be wrong and just been on different roads to last year where over 2 weekends saw quite a few squashed by vehicles on the road
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