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What bike for an 11yr old?

BeakerboyBeakerboy Posts: 2
Can anyone recommend a bike for my 11yr old boy who is about 5' tall. He want to do off road trail riding, xc etc, some downhill. He is a capable rider and my budget is max £1,500 but preferably less. thanks


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    No responses to this one... have you had any luck?

    My suggestion, especially with such a high budget, would be for him to try out as many bikes as he can. Pretty much, any 26" XS MTB would suit him - so with such a broad palette of riding styles he wants to do, you could even encroach into quality dually territory there (I'd suggest hard tail better for his age - learn good technique/habits, unless he's really gonna do big DH).
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  • :arrow: Depends on how tall the person is the leg length, 5 ft and under will go with 24" wheels. My son also started riding this bike at 11 years old. Good luck
  • poahpoah Posts: 3,369
    Transition ripcord

    This is lewis's that was essentially a frame build up with SID RCT3, SLX brakes, haven carbon bar, 10sp (xt cassette, slx mech, zee shifer), 100mm reverb, custom built wheels, shorter crank with saint pedals


    alternatively if he has some skills already have a look at the propain yuma
  • its nice to hear about ur son's a days there are lots of bikes which are not only comfortable but provides various new tools...i suggest you 26" XS MTB..its is best and for more you can search it on google..
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    ...perhaps someone should point out that the lad is now going on 14 so his needs might be a bit different?
  • 26 inch-wheeled bikes 11+

    A 26″ wheeler is of course an adult-sized MTB. Some adult MTBs are available in very small sizes. For instance, you can get a Specialized Hardrock with a 13″ frame which kids as young as 11 can manage. The obvious advantage with this size is the much wider choice of spare parts (the number of 26″ tyres on the market outnumbers 24″ tyres at least 100 to 1). Another advantage is that spare tubes, for instance, can be pooled on family rides.
  • poahpoah Posts: 3,369
    26inch tubes fits perfectly well in a 24 inch wheel BTW
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,729
    Tubeless is even better, especially with my youngest.
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  • Steve-XcTSteve-XcT Posts: 267
    bompington wrote:
    ...perhaps someone should point out that the lad is now going on 14 so his needs might be a bit different?

    Well, it still stands as someone's kid is always going to be 13 :D

    In many ways the intervening year possibly makes the 26er more obvious given the increasing numbers of really good 26ers, forks and wheels being sold off.

    For a lot less than the budget you could buy a cracking used womens XS with top of the range groupset and a brand new 15"-16" or so frame as well for when they outgrow the XS ???
  • JimReyesJimReyes Posts: 6
    BMX-style bikes would be the best one for younger kids, well there are few more options in bikes like Giant Liv Enchant 20 Lite,Islabikes Beinn 24 ,Worx JA26 ,Hoy Cammo 650c . I would recommend you to have Hoy Cammo 650D bike, my nephew also had same bike . Its maintenance is very good and affordable too.
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