Upgrading wheels advice and suggestions please

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I have a 2012 Giant Escape RX2, spec below http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-gb/bikes/model/escape.rx.2/9320/49838/#specifications

I use the bike purely on the road and want to get some road biased tyres to help my performance.
I suspect the existing wheels won't give me much choice as the rims are so wide so would look at getting new wheels and tyres.

My question is, can you please recommend me some wheels and tyres that would fit on my bike, I hope I can use my existing crank etc? as I said, purpose of upgrade is to get road tyres with less resistance etc. I don't want to spend mega money on this, ideally under £350 if possible.

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    Well if they're 700C wheels, which they are, then you can put practically any road tire on it, from 23c to 25c; it comes with a 32c tire.

    I'd say one of the fastest and most durable tires out right now is the Continental GP4000S, with the black chili compound.

    You can find them for about 40 bucks a tire.

    For wheels, unless you're pushing out 23+mph for long (1+hour) durations of time, aero won't help. So you can only go lighter.

    What type of riding do you do? Buying lighter wheels won't make you go faster, just accelerate more quickly. But if you're not stopping and starting every few minutes, heavier wheels won't hurt your top end speed.
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    Thanks for the suggestions and input. I'm working up to a 54 mile ride, currently doing less than 15 miles per ride. My max speed is 30 mpg, but I average half that.
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    Atari Boy wrote:
    My max speed is 30 mpg, but I average half that.
    Then I think you are cheating and using fuel.....! :D:D:D I think you mean 30mph!!
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