Pedro's Bike lust vs Brunox carbon care ...

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Anyone experiences with ''Pedro's Bike lust'' or ''Brunox carbon care'' on a painted black carbon frame?

What will give the best results and protection?

Can it be used as often as wanted or is it like ''car wax'' and has a polishing functionality?


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    I haven't used either of those products, but bear in mind that unless the carbon is actually un-coated (ie bare carbon/gel coat) it will have a clear coat or a paint coat over it. In that sense, protecting a carbon frame is no different than protecting any other painted or clear-coated surface.
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    Me too for not having used either, however have used finish line version & muc-off version also and both do similar jobs. Most people tend to recommend furniture polish as a much cheaper version though as you will find many of the ingredients are similar & the cheaper alternative is often used by pro teams to do the same job.
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