h plus sons - removing the decals

Frank pole
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I've got a stealth build going on and need to remove the decals on my archetypes, has anyone removed them without removing the surface?


  • use hairdryer for 2 or 3 minutes or heat gun on low setting. This should soften up the adhesive and loosen the decal. Then use an exacto knife to get under the letters and gently peel off.

    Haven't done this to my Archetypes (personally love them) but tried this method on other wheels and worked fine.

    Afterwards clear with acetone (or chain cleaner work well too) to remove grease and leftover glue.

    let us know if it worked..
  • smidsy
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    Presuming there is no laquer on top of the lettering the above method will work.

    If there is any kind of protection on top I would leave well alone.
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  • Frank pole
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    Not sure if they are lacquered over or not but the decals Don't feel very raised! - they must come off as I think strada offer to de decal their hand builds
  • yes i'm plenty sure they're not lacquered. would be strange to lacker an anodized surface.