Columbus Hiver Fork?

Tenacious Doug
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I'm after a fork for Genesis Equilibrium build, the stock Genesis fork is no good as the colour of the currently available one is different from the frame, though I'm struggling to find one that's the right spec.

I've come across the Columbus Hiver fork on their site which fits all the specs, but I can't find any information anywhere other than the Columbus site, so while it looks good on paper, dunno if it is any decent? Can anyone shed any light.

Alternatively if anyone can suggest a 375mm ac, 45mm rake carbon road fork, that would be great.


  • sungod
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    i've used the columbus minimal, it's a good fork, maybe a little flexy under high load but it's a lot lighter than the hiver, columbus is a good company, so i'd have no qualms about their products

    question is do you really want the hiver? it's designed to have extra room for mudguards, like the website says you may need long drop brakes
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  • Thanks for the response. I can find lots of reviews of other models so I'd assume it will be decent but I just worry about finding no 1st hand experience. The Equilibrium has deep drop brakes on the rear so that's not an issue.
  • sungod
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    i think the hiver is a new model for 2013, might explain the lack of info
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  • Ah, that explains it, I did not realise it was such a new model. Thanks for the info!
    My other option is to get the +5mm crown race that Chris King do which should raise the front end enough to use a more standard fork length of 367mm and bring it closer to the 375mm I need. Has anyone tried that with any success?