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Hi guys it's been a year since I got my first proper racing bike weighing 20lbs semi carbon, It was a step up from a 24lb Carrera TDF, I am looking into spending about €2000 for my next bike, I hope to have it buy end of July, I am either looking for a TT bike but for my price range they seem to weigh 20lbs, my question is, will a lighter bike take my cycling to the next level? I am starting with a personal trainer tonight to help my fitness, I would like a bike that weighs about 16lbs. My first transition of my bike I noticed a speed increase of nearly 2mph, my best average speed on my Carrera was becoming my normal average speed on the other bike, will this be the case again? I know there are a lot of variables to encounter, I am talking same routes etc. Need advice on what bike, I plan on racing the bike in Triathlons next summer


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    If its triathlons you're planning, you're better off spending the money on a powertap, some aerobars, and some aero wheels for race day, a bike fit using the aerobars and using the existing bike.

    The powertap will significantly increase the quality and effect of your training (if.used properly of.course) and the wheels and bars will help with aerodynamics.

    On race day you see an awful lot of people badly positioned on very expensive kit. And those same people being passed by fitter and better positioned people on relative tanks and cheapo bikes.
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    Is it more down to the rider than the bike then? Ive got a set of aero bars I use to try and get used to them on my road bike, I use them for long journeys not commuting, So do you suggest not getting a new bike then and just get fitter?
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    Depends what you're doing. Obviously a TT bike is only any good for TTs and Triathlons (although locally I do occasionally see a chap just riding his TT bike).
    The weight isn't a massive issue if you're on the flat as once you're up to speed it doesn't matter much what the bike weighs. it's all about how aero it is. The clear exception there is when things get hilly, where weight is important. If things are hilly enough for weight to matter I would have thought you'd be better off riding a road bike with clip ons.
    Lastly you may struggle to get something weighing 16lbs for 2000 euros (although Planet X and similar may prove me wrong).
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    Agree with Andy, TT isn't about light as you won't be climbing, it's about stiff and aero, with a good aero rider position.

    Be prepared to sacrifice a pound or two to get a bike that has the above qualities.
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    I might give the TT bike a miss so, I might stick with my bike and invest in Zipp wheels or similar for races etc and use normal wheel for normal rides, I would do hills as much as I can but I am nowhere near top ten on strava more average so prob not worth getting a lighter bike.