Decent Lightweight but comfy Saddle any suggestions?

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Owdo My old Spesh Toupe saddle has died.....a big crack up one side of it underneath Grrrr! been riding a Toupe 143 for around 4-5 years now.
Does anyone have any other suggestions for a decent lightweight saddle I quite fancy a change.
Looking at possibly changing perhaps to a Fizik antares Vs any other suggestions?
Deffo need a channel or cut out to stop the boyz going numb!

(I am pretty hefty 90kg rider got a Charge spoon on the MTB find that ok for upto 2 hrs
Toupe becomes uncomfy around 4hrs)

Any advice welcome :D



  • lostboysaint
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    Erm, if it works why change? Get yourself another Toupe (struggled not to snigger typing that) and keep your arse happy.
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  • MaK-71
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    Mmmm I know ur right I just fancied a change, but it will probably end up a costly round the houses affair! ....... Anyone got a decent Toupe for sale drop me a PM

  • mattmaximus
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    Get a romin test saddle, see how that compares. I've had three now and the evo with ti rails is my favourite.
  • Wirral_paul
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    I've got a Romin and it's brilliant. I dont think there is much difference between the Toupe and Romin shape, so as said - stick with what works. I recon a saddle is pretty much the last part you should experiment with once you find what works for you.

    If you fancy a change - you could always buy a different colour!! :)
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    And Specialized are now doing a 30 day money back guarantee, if you dont like it return it and swap it for other specialized goods.
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  • MaK-71
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    Cheers for the help guys...... think its going to be another spesh 4me, that cycle store offer is bang on, £70 for last years model toupe pro! Wicked :)
  • Grill
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    Make sure you have the correct clamp for the Pro as the carbon rails are a different size and shape to traditional rails.

    I have a Toupe Pro and S-Works. The S-Works is the comfiest saddle I own.
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  • MaK-71
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    Ahhh good point! Just in time ..... my credit card was twitching!
    Do you know if a Thompson elite seatpost will be suitable for the carbon rails?
  • Grill
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    Yup, works just fine.
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