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STOLEN, LONDON- Specialized pitch pro 2011, many upgrades.

methebmxermethebmxer Posts: 4
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After an amazing weekend mountain biking in wales I am sad to report that this evening my mtb bike was stolen. If anyone could help me in any way to find my bike I would be very grateful. It was taken from the Herne hill area in London on the 2/4/13 between 16:10-17:10 and is very different to the usual type of bike being ridden within London. It is also still splattered in welsh mud so at least I didn't clean it prior to it being pinched!, cheers.


Specs are-
>2011 specialized pitch pro frame which has no branding or stickers as I had stripped the paint back to bare aluminium
>Rock shox sektor TK forks in black and green with yellow "stay strong" sticker on rear of right hand leg.
>Fully black (de-stickered) wheel set
>Continental mountain king tyres front & rear in 2.4" with "tubeless" logo.
>RRP black neoprene fork mudguard fitted to forks.
>Rock shox reverb seatpost (with bar mounted lever)
>Shimano zee brake set front and rear with ice tech rotors.
>Shimano saint shifter pods.
>Shimano saint rear mech 2012 (pre shadow+ clutch type)
>SDG bel-air saddle
>Renthal duo stem (black and green)
>ODI flight control bars in black chrome un-cut 750mm width.
>ODI flight control lock on grips black
>Shimano SLX front mech
>Original specialized chain roller guide and bash ring.
>Cane creek FORTY headset.


  • GT-ArrowheadGT-Arrowhead Posts: 2,507
    Keep an eye on eBay and gumtree. Ive read many peoples posts where they have found their bikes (if not the whole bike, the parts) on eBay and gumtree and managed to retrieve their bikes and get the theif nicked! Tell the police as soon as possible and show them the photo too. Drive around your local area and you never know, you might see it!

    Happened to me. Saw my bike leaning outside a shop window a week later so i nicked it back! :lol::lol:

    Best of luck, unfortunately London isnt the home for beautiful bikes like yours because of thieving twats.

    Good luck with finding it!
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