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Cycling holiday - diabetic travel insurance advice required

evs78evs78 Posts: 133
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I am off to the Abruzzo region of Italy for a week on Saturday and plan to do a bit of cycling while over there. Nothing serious like racing or sportives, just a bit of solo riding. It will be my first trip abroad cycling and I am hiring a bike and just wanted to see if anyone could provide any recommendations for travel insurance that would include decent cover for cycling with a pre-existing medical condition (I am a type 1 diabetic).

My usual providers website is unclear and having spent more time than I've got on hold trying to get through I thought I would seek the forums' help.

Any help gratefully received.


All the gear and no idea...


  • heatonriderheatonrider Posts: 109
    try snowcard (which do more than snow) - you could always spk to them - very helpful folk
  • evs78evs78 Posts: 133
    Thanks mate. Unfortunately, they don't appear too keen on diabetics so are a bit pricey.

    Will see what the diabetes uk website has to offer as someone has recommended I try that.


    All the gear and no idea...
  • kevinpkevinp Posts: 10

    Not sure if I am too late .

    I use the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) Travel Insurance ( ). Diabetes - which is controlled by diet or tablets alone is an Allowed Condition.

    The main insurance is menu driven - you choose the activity level, geography and time period you want cover for. There is an altitude element as well but as this does not kick in until 6,500m (six thousand five hundred metres) it probably will not apply to your trip.

    Cycling (except cycle touring ) is automatically covered, Cycle Touring requires Trek cover (optional extension 1) Cycle racing and Mountain Biking requires Alpine & Ski (optional extension 3).

    You have to be a member of the BMC, MCofS or an affiliated club - if you are not yet a member you are given the option on the on-line insurance application. You will also need your European Health Insurance Card ( ... -ehic.aspx ) but you would need that with any travel insurance sold in the U.K.

    There are discounts for on-line application plus family/household discounts.

    Hope that helps and you get sorted.
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