Which youth category?

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My son wants to have a go a racing and I'm not sure which category he would race in.
He is ten at the moment and his eleventh birthday is in December. Does this mean he would be in Youth C (under 12) category, or do the categories have a date cut off so he can ride in the under 10s ?
Please help!!!!!


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    Well he can't ride in the under 10s as he is ten already.

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    Looking at the British Cycling website he will be Category C for this year and next.
  • Thanks for that guys, thought as much. I asked because my other lad swims competitively and some comps' have different cut offs, which means he could swim in his own age group or sometimes a younger one.
  • Tom Butcher
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    Though for cyclocross leagues he'll only have one season as an under 12 and then (Sept 2014) he'd be into under 14 -who normally race with under 16s.

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