The big 100!

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To date my longest ride was 82 miles (and this was a one off) so with no plans for Saturday i decided i would aim for 100 miles. I pretty much rode the same route but just added bits in here and there to extend it. All was good until i got to about 86 miles, i was out off food, had about a mouthful of drink left and my legs were refusing to pedal, luckily it was slightly down hill for a few miles so i pretty much just rolled along not really pedalling. From this point i knew if i just headed home i'd have been short by about 5 miles so i had to extend the route and do a lap around the block to hit the 100 miles.

Total distance 100.07 miles at an average of 16.2 mph.

Went out yesterday for a recovery ride and it's a good job it was only a recovery ride as it found it extremely hard work!


  • Roobsa
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    Good job! Similar situation to myself. Longest ride had been 84 miles but I did first century on Friday, London to Brighton and back. 108 miles in fairly awful weather. Somehow managed to drag myself out on Saturday for another 47 and Sunday for 35 more tired miles.

    Feels good though, even if my legs are hurting.
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    well done! i set a target last summer of doing a 100, but never made it as getting married got in the way of consistant training! this summer i shall aim at some point for it, at my current pace though will take me some time lol
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    Well done that man!

    Longest to date is 120Km... Did manage 103Km's in the wind today.

    I WILL do a century soon (hopes)....
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  • Well done on your first 100 I have set a date of end of may to do mine looking forward to it I think lol
  • elderone
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    Congrats on the 100,it,s a proper achievement.Chapeau.
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    and at 16 mph too, nice one
  • canny_lad
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    Congratulations, great effort that. Got my first century in June, can't wait.
  • goffski
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    Thanks guys, Saturday was a good day for it really, it was pretty windy all last week and again today but Saturday was quite nice, It actually got quite warm at one point. I don't think I'll be doing 100 miles again this weekend but but might aim for 70 - 80. It doesn't actually seem that long ago I'd set my target at 50 miles.
  • richie771
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    Finally did my 100 today.................Tick
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  • Mikey23
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    Did my first in may and its a good feeling. Mine was on holiday in France up the loire valley from Nantes to saumur and mainly flat and with light following wind. Well done
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    Did my 100 on May Day Bank holiday to Brighton, but not content with that set out on Saturday to Amesbury (Stonehenge) and put in 144 miles :-)

    Weather was a bit crap going out, very strong headwind and it rained down 2 or 3 times. Those Wiltshire plains can be very exposed! But at least I got a tailwind pushing me home...
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    Did mine last year, underestimated how cold it was and was frozen by the end (fresh snow on the hills!). Nutrition really is the biggie, on long rides like this. Makes you respect the pros who race over even longer distances. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • BMKN
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    Nice Job on the 100 Solo ride, I did my first 100 miles last year, managed 18.5MPH average, I had a tail wind behind me, To date my longest ride last Oct was 120miles It was windy and freezing cold with no gloves on and rained. hoping to do a double century this summer
  • Congrats on the big 100..
    I joined that club on sunday - rode the Etape Eryri Mawr (103 miles). Stunning scenery in snowdonia, some fantastic descents and brutal climbs. total ride time was 8hrs 13 minutes (moving time 7hrs 28 minutes). I was pleased that i finished.
  • goffski
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    Did my second on Saturday, 101 miles, 2995ft of climbing and a total moving time of 5.59. It was obvious where i went wrong this time, spotted a sign for Mow Cop so thought i'd go and have a look at what it was like, before i knew it i seemed to have done a good bit of climbing and was pretty much wiped out as i was already 50 miles into my ride. Anyway, i was going to turn back but decided just to go a little further so i could see the pub you see in all the photos. Had to stop a few times, had a chat with a jogger half way up but actually made it to the top.