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Has anyone ever had a bike for in Sheffield? I see a lot of people recommend cadence sport but unfortunately it will be difficult for me to get there. I notice Planet X do a fitting service, has anyone been?


  • Bike fit not for sorry
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    Adrian Timmis at Cadence isn't too far from Sheffield. Well worth a trip I hear
  • A few of my clubmates have used and recommend Racescene in Barnsley.
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    Never used em, so cant recommend em.....
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    +1 for Racescene in Barnsley.
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    I had a bike fitting at Claremont Hospital in Sheffield by Dr Chris Edmundson

    The fitting involved the Retul system and was very thorough. I'd certainly recommend it, but it wasn't cheap at £200. Chris was very personable and has a solid background in cycling - if I remember correctly, he was a pro cyclist at one point.

    One of my friends also had a fitting at Cadence Sport and thought they were really good too (especially, as the fit included the footbeds).

    If I was having a fit again, I'd be tempted by Cadence Sport purely because of the footbeds. If you can't travel that far then I'd say Claremont would be a good option.
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    Race scene +1. Good shop and great fitting service.
  • Thanks everyone, I might give the Claremont a go, After having a further read they might be able to help me out with a fitness issue. I suffer from an inflamed nerve in my foot called Mortons Neuroma and I am hoping they might be able to help with this too. Would have loved to visit Cadence but it's just going to be a bit difficult for me to get there
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    If you can nip across to the velodrome then have a look at

    I had a fit there last week having previously been fitted at cadence sport 3 years ago. (Broke my back/collar bone hence new fit required) Different approach, looking at addressing the root causes of issues rather than dealing just with the outcome of those issues, but just as happy with the result.

    There's a write up on my blog
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