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Bedgebury - Kent

RoostoidsRoostoids Posts: 128
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Went for a walk there this morning, thought I'd pop a recent update as there didn't seem to be one.

The trails are currently running mostly dry or drying. There are a few puddles and muddier sections but these are nearer the bottom of the woods where there is so much tree cover it takes weeks of hot summer to dry up.

Genesis and Dads Army are both open, setting up a good start, however after the first 3rd of the trails there are several closures. It states repair work is being carried out and hopefully some trail improvements too, depending on number son the dig days.

It's roughly 70 - 30 open - shut. The main fun sections are open, including the newer final one.

Parking is still £8.50, cheaper to just become a year long member. Trails supposed to be fully open for the end of April allegedly. We will see.
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  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 56,784
    Thanks for that - not been for a while due to all the closures and the massive mudfest it became before they closed half of the place. If it's 70/30 I reckon it's worth going back soon.
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