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Claud Butler Vincenza vs Triban 5

gosshawkgosshawk Posts: 20
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The Bike:
I have done a bit of a search, but can't seem to find much out about this bike.
There is a pristine condition Vincenza in my local area, and I can get it for around £300 - it is ticking all the boxes;
Full Tiagra groupset (inc brakes),
Compact double chainset,
Alloy frame and carbon forks etc

Background info:
I was waiting til payday to buy a triban 5 new, but am very tempted by this Vincenza instead, as the triban could possibly need brakes changing and has some Sora parts.

I have just bought a house with the mrs now and have a garage! Been in and out of cycling for the past 2 years as I had to keep the bike in carpeted front room, so couldn't go out if it was wet or damp - got up to about 50 mile Sunday rides.
Not a complete beginner, but can't justify spending loads as I sold all my kit with my last bike, so need about £250 just to replace all that.

What do you guys think of this bike then? Any experiences with either the Triban5 or this Vincenza?


  • Personally, I'd buy new. Not much difference between the Triban's (2013) Sora and Tiagra. Decathlon's customer service and mechanics are very good. Plus two years warranty on parts, five years on frame.

    The brake calipers on my Triban 3 will be the same as the 5, and are fine.
  • gosshawkgosshawk Posts: 20
    I've heard nothing but good things about the btwin bikes, so I will most probably get the Triban5 as I can't haggle the price of the CB as much as I would like.

    Thanks for the input! Glad to hear your Triban 3 is going good, may get one of them instead and nicer clothing yet.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,745
    Several guys i know at work have got Triban 3s and swear by them, They did however get better tyres fitted as an optional upgrade as the stock ones aren't that good. Another friend of mine has just got the Btwin FC7 with full Sram Rival and is going around with a stupid grin. I think another guy on here was umming and arring over triban 3 or 5 and it was suggested going with the 3 and upgrading the tyres and pedals with the money saved. Make sure its the carbon forked version as well as they have a cheaper non carbon fork one out as well.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Yeah if you go for a Triban 3 make sure it's the original red version, not the 3A. And get it soon as they are stopping production of the original.

    The stock tyres are heavy but not that bad overall. I didn't have any punctures with them. Had two since I upgraded to Gator Skins! The only other things I've changed so far are the pedals (105 SPD SL) and saddle (Rido rlt).

    The hubs can be a bit dodgy on older Tribans. Mr rear one failed last week. But they replaced the wheel with one of their newer ones, which are much better apparently.
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