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Megavalanche - airport transfers

cyclotomcyclotom Posts: 11
edited July 2013 in Holidays
Has anyone gone by air to the Megavalanche? I'm having trouble finding transfers (that aren't private).

Grenoble doesn't seem to have summer flights anymore, so I guess that leaves Geneva and Lyon. I looked at : , but there don't seem to be any services on the dates I was looking at (06/07/13 - 14/07/13).

I could get rail to Grenoble, but I'm not sure that would help much. If there's no summer flights, I'm guessing there's no transfers either.

This all seems more difficult than I anticipated when I signed up!



  • Hi tom.

    I have a friend coming to meet us at megavalanche. He is flying into geneva on the 11th. Is anbody coming somewhere near who he could possibly get a lift wit?

    We have his bike so it will just be him and a small bag, failing that has anybody done a similar trip and could advise the best way to get from geneva to alp d huez?

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